Terms of delivery and payment
telephone +31(0)50-5016593
Ceintuurbaan West 107
9301 CR Roden
Giro account number: 3109896 in the name of G.Gunnink
You can place your order with the basket on this site. Also you can place your order bij email or phone.
It is possible to make a reservation for the coming models, please send us your reservation by mail.
After you placed your order i will send you an confirmation email with your order and the total costs.
The costs of shipping will be send to you in the confirmation email.
You can also pay with paypal. If you want to pay in that way please put that in your email to us and i'll send you a special email with the invitation to pay the order by paypal and the necessary data.
All the models are deliverable with reservation.
When i have received the payment for the order i'll send your package as soon as possible.
There could be changes in price or mistakes on the site.